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The earliest presentation of range come from ancient Egypt. Jao first were made of natural materials mainly from palm leaves or feathers, on long handles, which moved through the ministry of cold against dignitary or ruler. From the sixteenth century fans are documented in Europe. From the beginning, it provoked a variety of surface decoration and ornamentation. The individual segments FANS were intricately painted mythological, biblical scenes, pastoral or nautical themes, or Chinese. At the end of the eighteenth century were popular scenes from current events such as the anniversary of the outbreak of Vesuvius, the flight brothers Montgolfiere or the French Revolution.

Fans were most popular in Japan. From the Heian era (IX-XII century) manufacturer fans had their professional association (Nakama). Always lived close to the imperial court of Heian-kyo and Kyoto and worshiped their gods. In the Edo era (1603-1867) generation of fans was to craft the bourgeoisie, and the resulting stores with fans (floor-ya) offered both their parts and the finished wyroby.Wachlarz was not and is not only the subject of utility. Used in Europe, although it belonged to fashion accessories, but also spoke about social status, was helpful in social behavior. In Japan, traditional dance, is so far a prop, which is the extension arm gestures to enhance expression of the dancers.

Fans of ostrich feathers have always been used primarily for dance burlesque. This is one of the most recognizable symbols of burlesque. At the beginning of ostrich feather fans have wooden plaque (this tradition operates today) but now what time are becoming more popular with ostrich feather fans on plastic plaques, due to most of the strength.

Currently, fans are also often used as wall decorations, interior, tables, weddings.

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